Sunday, June 14, 2015


"Now the mountains rise from ocean to sky
in Homer, Alaska
And they'll steal your breath
and your troubles in the blink of an eye" ~Ellis Paul lyrics from Alice's Champaign Palace

Ellis got it right about the beauty of Homer! Tomorrow we will go out and find Alice's Champaign Palace!
We drove from Seward to Homer today. Our original idea was to stop and stay in Kenai but we didn't see much worth staying for when we got there....sorry Kenai Chamber of Commerce. Interestingly, several students from the Kincheloe Alternative are or have gone to work the canneries there. The place actually reminded us of Kincheloe....once again sorry Kenai Chamber of Commerce.

So here we are staying in Homer for the next couple of nights. ahhh.

The drive around to Homer was most unremarkable until we could make out the volcanos on the other side of the Cook Inlet. They volcanos are Mount Redoubt, Mount Douglas, Mount Iliamna and Mount Augustine
Despite valiant efforts on our part, no moose were seen. Many signs warning of moose, many mentions in Milepost about moose but all we saw were an eagle and a couple of robins. :-)

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  1. Looks like a nice view for a couple of days ahead!